BURA 2018 Adopted Budget
BURA leverages resources and partnerships to deliver high quality community improvements. Incremental property tax revenues are the primary funding sources for BURA, with supplemental revenue from sales tax, charges for services and grants. More…

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2016 Annual Report
The Brighton Urban Renewal Authority (BURA) encourages investment and reinvestment within targeted areas of the community while strengthening the tax and job base of the whole city.

BURA AR 2016

2015 Annual Report
When was the last time you went to a show at the Armory? Had dinner downtown? Took a class at the Brighton Learning and Resource Campus? More…


2014 Annual Report
Things are really changing. Some experts are calling it the “Shift Age.” The Information Age is over, they say. More…

BURA Annual Report

2013 Annual Report
As the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” In Brighton, that rising tide is being created in part by the Brighton Urban Renewal Authority. More…

BURA Annual Report
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